A new AI-powered tool can recommend podcasts it thinks you’ll like based on the shows you already love.

bestpodcasts.org comes from avid podcast listener and developer Shu Zhang. The tool is a side project from leanrocket.io, a software development consulting company Zhang created with friends.

All you need to do is enter the names of at least three podcasts you already like, and the site’s AI will spit out 10 shows it thinks you’ll be into.

Looking for a new comedy podcast, we entered My Brother, My Brother and MeMy Dad Wrote a Porno and The Worst Idea of All Time.

The shows that came back included Jordan, Jesse GO!Drunk Ex-Pastors and How Did This Get Made?

We spoke to Shu about why he created bestpodcasts.org.

Zhang: I listen to a lot of podcasts and am always looking for good recommendations. I often seen people post in various groups, comments like “I like these podcasts, what do you recommend for me”. 

In any case, what we have now is a starting point and there’s a lot of ways to evolve it. For example, a tool that helps podcasters find and reach their audience will probably have demand and seems like a very natural extension.”

You can give it a go for yourself at bestpodcasts.org, or if you’re looking for a more human approach to podcast recommendations, check out our list of Podcast Episodes of The Year.