The last few years have seen a huge shift in our tastes and needs when it comes to podcasts. In 2015 a lot of people had just been introduced to the medium by WBEZ’s Serial, and a new found popularity for similar and equally heavily produced podcasts ballooned.

Podcasts are so much more accessible and easy to produce than traditional media, and the years since have found listeners embracing those shows that take advantage of the format.

One of our new favourite shows, Dad Feelings from Stay Mean, is a podcast that does exactly that.

Hosted by writer and poet merrit kDad Feelings is a beautifully simple podcast about fictional fathers. Each episode sees a guest join merrit for a chat about the best and worst of dads from film, TV, video games and even real life.

One of our favourite recent episodes from earlier this month, with guest Charlotte Shane, covered arguably the only good parental figure in Arrested Development, Stan Sitwell.

Other episodes of the show centre on Frasier Crane and Jake the Dog; we especially liked Episode 27‘s look into both the literal and implied dad feelings surrounding Giovanni from the Pokemon universe.

While Dad Feelings sounds like one of the most incredibly niche areas for a podcast to cover, it’s an honest and open discussion about our feelings and attitudes towards family through the lens of pop culture.

With very minimal production design and editing, Dad Feelings is a show that’s light years away from the big budget spectacles that got millions of us into podcasts, but one that remains endearingly special every week.

The show’s network, Stay Mean, is listener supported and also produces Woodland Secrets, as well as special occasional projects like Papal Bull, a podcast about a pope who is young.

All of the shows from Stay Mean, but especially Dad Feelings, are the podcast equivalent of a cup of hot cocoa on a snow day, and ones that genuinely feel like you’re listening to a conversation with friends.

Dad Feelings is available from Stay Mean, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes released every week.