Hey remember E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? That film about the lonely boy and the alien? After 35 years of longing and waiting, we’ve finally got a sequel to everyone’s favourite 80s film from comedy podcast Now We’re Talking!

If you’ve never listened to Now We’re Talking! before, every episode sees Josh (Twitter’s @ruinedpicnic) interviewing a special guest usually voiced by one of his friends from Twitter.

Some of these guests are real people, such as Jay Z and Beyonce, while others are completely fictional, like 80’s movie sensation Lolly Fernando or the police officer who only arrests children Jimmy Gunderson.

What makes Now We’re Talking! so great is the immersive and deadpan interviews that somehow still manage to be very funny. While most of the people featured on the show don’t exist, and the ones who do exist are being voiced by completely different people, the podcast rarely breaks the illusion that’s being created.

However in a brief depart from interviews, Now We’re Talking has currently been taken over by a project prompted by this tweet from Josh:

And 24 hours later, with a little help from some other Twitter users, “E.T. 2: Ghosts Can’t Play Basketball” was finished. You can check out the movie script here.

The first two episodes of the Now We’re Talking!‘s reading of E.T. 2 are currently available, with the final instalment expected next week.

They’re podcast episodes that really embrace and celebrate the advantages of the medium, ditching big scale production values in favour of a genuinely hilarious and interesting look into collaborative comedy.

E.T. 2 is an incredibly dumb, yet charming insight into the life of a now adult Elliot as he prepares to be one of the first human beings to step foot on Mars.

Now We’re Talking! is available from iTunes or wherever you download podcasts. New episodes every week.

Check out the cast of E.T. 2:

Audrey (@auuuuudreyyyyy), Ethan Esparza (@TapDancingGoat), Danny (@therealeatwood), Tom (@trojansauce), “JT” (@LeftAtLondon), Liz Harvey (@_lizharvey), Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah), Luke (@LukePowerzz), Jacob (@klogh2), Joel (@omically), Ethan Koffsky (@EthanKoffsky), Trevor (@Trewbot), Henry (@twiter_person) and Josh W (@joshtweetin)