Despite being the shortest month of the year, there’s been no shortage of great podcast episodes released in February. If you’re looking for recommendations, we’ve published four editions of Podcasts We’re Listening To where we highlight the best offerings from each week.

06 Feb 17 / 13 Feb 17 / 20 Feb 17 / 27 Feb 17

If you’ve already worked your way through those, we’ve also been getting our teeth into some more meaty reviews for our particular favourites.

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And if all of that still isn’t enough, we wrote a huge feature on the role of communities and fanbases behind podcasts through looking at new addition to Maximum Fun Rose Buddies.

It’s been a great month for podcast adaptations too, with Podblasts favourite My Brother, My Brother and Me finally making the leap to TV with streaming service Seeso. Check out our review here.

And finally, because you shouldn’t just take our word for how great February’s podcasts were, we took to social media and asked you to tell us what your audio highlights of the month were.

The History of Byzantium

Episode 126- Attract and Repel

From Reddit /u/Craishton:

“At the end of each century the podcast does a few episodes on what’s going on in the rest of the world, changes in the army/administration etc and this is the first one to pick up the narrative in the 10th century.

It describes the first time the Roman army is cautiously going east into enemy territory after centuries of being of the defensive after the Arab conquests. It’s amazing.”

Bullseye with Jesse Thorne

Pete Holmes and Mike Mills

From Reddit /u/schotastic:

“Jesse has this knack for extracting thoughtful and profound insights from his interviewees. He’s a real virtuoso.

Combine that with Pete Holmes’ vulnerability and Mike Mills’ openness about his craft, and you get podcast gold. 22k.”

Kevin’s Cryptids

Episode 5: Cryptomundo

From Reddit /u/MrHydroFlask:

“They got the singer from Savage Garden to play a german pop star, and they even wrote and performed a song in the episode. They also got Dr. Drew Pinskey to play a ‘cryptid psychologist’.

Funniest podcast of the year.”

And from Twitter: