Despite a fantastic couple of years for podcast producers Gimlet, it was announced yesterday (Jan 24) that Undone will not be returning for a second season.

Undone, hosted by Pat Walters, is a show that takes a second look at big news stories and events from the past- and revisits them to find out how they were only just the start of something else.

A post on the show’s Facebook page after the final episode was released yesterday gave us the details:

Undone was performing well, but the show requires a very particular kind of editorial support, and as we got into the first season, it became clear that as of right now, we don’t have everything we need for it to keep growing and experimenting and finding its way.

Despite fantastic reviews and great popularity for every show produced by Gimlet, this isn’t the first time a show has been cancelled so unexpectedly.

Mystery Show, hosted by Starlee Kine and crowned as iTunes’ Podcast of The Year 2015 was also cancelled. Kine’s Medium post from October 2016 has more information.

The final episode of Undone, released yesterday, covered the personal aftermaths of the Columbia space shuttle tragedy.

Undone, in addition to all of Gimlet’s shows, are available from Gimlet, iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts.