Most of the factual podcasts we love feature insane levels of production values. Shows like This American Life and Reply All have always found the perfect blend between music, voices and information to make ingesting information as enjoyable and engrossing as possible.

Which is why it’s weird that our new favourite factual podcast has barely any form of production value at all.

Daily Active User, distributed by audio broadcasting app Anchor, is about as minimalist as a podcast can be. A single voice alongside some backing music is as adventurous as the news show gets, but it’s left us wanting more since its launch last year.

The show, hosted by Anchor’s Brendon Bigley, acts like a podcast digest -an audio RSS feed of the best in pop culture and tech, alongside little bits of everything else.

With suggested talking points ranging from Hogwarts and Terrace House through Bee Movie and Rollercoaster Tycoon, Daily Active User is a show that remains fresh where many daily podcasts fall short.

With an average episode length of about 20 minutes, and very rarely stretching to half an hour, the show is great to listen to while getting ready in the morning or commuting.

As well as being genuinely interesting, the show shares the same warm, friendly feeling as public radio in the early hours of the morning. Daily Active User feels more like a conversation with a friend while carpooling to work than it does a podcast.

While it probably won’t be topping any lists for podcast of the year, it’s the simplicity and charm of the show’s premise, alongside Bigley’s delivery, that’ll have podcast listeners subscribing in droves.

Daily Active User is released most weekdays, and is available from iTunes, Libsyn, or wherever you download podcasts from.