Details have started to emerge for the London Podcast Festival 2017 at Kings Place.

This year’s event will take place from the 13th-17th September, with returning shows from last year alongside new additions to the festival roster.

We welcome back Maximum Fun with Judge John Hodgman and a debut UK show from Jordan, Jesse Go!. We’re thrilled to be hosting Radiotopia with UK favourites The Bugle and The Allusionist and UK debuts from Criminal and The Memory Palace.

Returning heroes My Dad Wrote a Porno come back for a chin wag, and The Guilty Feminist, Beef and Dairy Network and The Complete Guide to Everything are joined by The Empire Film Podcast, The Rabbit Hole, SRSLY and many, many more.

In addition to this year’s event, the Podcast Maker Weekend will run over the Saturday and Sunday of the festival, featuring a series of workshops and discussions targeted at podcast makers.

The first wave of tickets go on sale June 1 at 12pm. We’ll have all the details of the event as they’re announced, so stay tuned.