One of the challenges of podcasting used to be finding ways to tell stories that not only worked on a purely audio based medium, but actively excelled in a way that wouldn’t work visually.

It’s no wonder then, that Dungeons & Dragons has become one of the most popular podcast sub-genres over the past few years. Without a pretty big budget, trying to find an interesting way to show people playing DnD on TV has never been easy. Seeso’s HarmonQuest, for example, used animation to make a visual DnD adventure work.

Shows like Drunks and Dragons and The Adventure Zone have spiked in popularity by offering their own take on the audio DnD campaign, but it’s a new show from Howl that offers a fresh twist for the genre.

Hello from The Magic Tavern is a comedy fantasy fiction podcast well into its second year, in fact we chose one of their live shows from last year as one of our Podcast Episodes of 2016.

The show follows Arnie Niekamp, playing a fictional version of himself, who falls through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King. Hello From The Magic Tavern is presented as the podcast Arnie produces as he learns more about the middle-earth style land of Foon he finds himself stranded in.

Joined every week by Usidore the wizard (Matt Young) and shapeshifter/ king of the badgers Chunt (Adal Rifai), an episode of Magic Tavern released in late 2015 introduced the concept of Offices and Bosses.

As the podcast already takes place in a world that parodies DnD tropes, Foon’s version of the roleplaying game is Offices and Bosses, a fantasy version of office life on Earth.

The new podcast distributed by subscription podcast service Howl joins Arnie, Chunt and Usidore as they play an Offices and Bosses campaign with the help of their fantasy office manager Metamore (Bill Arnett).

The first episode of Offices and Bosses, released last week, features Magic Tavern regular guest Brooke Breit as Flower, playing her Offices and Bosses character Gail Davidson-Durst.

Offices and Bosses features the same improvisational humour and wit as Hello From The Magic Tavern, but it’s a show that probably won’t be as fun to listen to unless you’re already familiar with the main podcast.

The only thing that could drive away potential listeners is Howl’s monthly paywall ($4.99/£3.99/€4.99) to access premium content. While it’s understandable that most fans won’t pay that much just for Offices and Bosses, Howl does provide a load of other podcasts, mini-series and comedy specials from the likes of Marc Maron and Alex Berg.

Offices and Bosses is available from Howl, new episodes every Wednesday.