Fans of ever-popular storytelling podcast This American Life will be familiar with Ira Glass’ warning for people listening who might have kids present.

“This story does acknowledge the existence of sex.”

If This American Life acknowledges the existence of sex, the podcast we’re featuring today wholeheartedly and unapologetically screams about it in public, and we love everything about it.

Why Oh Why, from Andrea Silenzi and Panoply, is a show that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. It’s a podcast that explores dating, relationships and sex in the 21st century in a way that’s honest, refreshing and cathartic.

Bringing the subject of modern dating to podcasting isn’t new- but neither is Why Oh Why. The current version is a reboot of the radio show of the same name on WMFU, but it’s a fresh podcast that brings a fresh look to breaking down technology and relationships.

Without doubt, it’s Andrea Silenzi’s brutally revealing approach to hosting a podcast that makes Why Oh Why such a game changer. Never just a presenter, her own relationships and experiences are woven into the fabric of the show in a way that never steals limelight, but only goes to enhance the enjoyment.

The most recent episode is an absolute work of art. Recorded at a singles event on Valentines Day, ‘Going There‘ is simply and beautifully the conversations between total strangers picked up at one table.

In true Why Oh Why style, these meetings are uncensored, unfiltered, and remarkably honest. Topics of conversations include the logistics of sex between two men, discovering you’re in the middle of an affair, and experiences with threesomes.

While the production of the podcast itself is polished to perfection, it’s the brutal and raw openness of the subject matter that makes Why Oh Why a show we can’t recommend enough.

A unique presenting style combined with a determination to transcend taboos cements Why Oh Why as one of the best podcasts currently available. Its unapologetic and incredibly healthy attitudes towards sex and dating is exactly what the medium needs, and we’d swipe right for Andrea Silenzi any day.

Why Oh Why is available from Panoply, iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts from.