We’re back again for our monthly digest of everything that’s been going on in the world of podcasting, and oh boy has it been a busy one. We kicked off the month talking about the #trypod campaign, that’s been aiming to get more of us involved in listening to, and sharing the love for podcasts in March.

Here’s a look back at when we talked all about #trypod with NPR’s Israel Smith.

As always, we’ve been publishing our weekly editions of Podcasts We’re Listening to every Monday, and in the #trypod spirit we ramped up the recommendations to make it our biggest month so far.

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And if you’ve worked your way through all of those, we’ve also been working on some more meaty reviews and features about the shows we loved this month.

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5 Brand New Podcasts We Love

S-Town Review, “The Most Important People on Earth”

As well as all our usual reviews we’ve been keeping up to date with all the latest news from the world of podcasting too.

The new novel from Welcome to Night Vale will be out in October, and Gimlet’s Homecoming is coming back for a second season later this year!

And finally, it wouldn’t be #trypod month without us asking you what your favourite podcasts episodes have been in March! Here’s a taste:

Handsome Rambler

16. Hannibal and Tony talk to Andrew Barber

From Reddit /u/bigbabyyram:

“Handsome Rambler with guest star Andrew Barber gave really interesting insight on how listening has changed with streaming services as well as funny anecdotes about the Chicago hip hop industry.”

Author Hour

Jay Kim: Hack Your Fitness

From Reddit /u/JustKeepSwimmingJKS:

“I listen to an obscene amount of podcasts (commuting in Austin Texas means I spend a lot of time in traffic) and I just came across this podcast called AuthorHour that I like a lot.

Has an NPR kind of vibe. They just interview authors, but so far the two they’ve shared have been crazy interesting.”

Drink Champs

Episode 70 w/ Ice-T

From Reddit /u/shakamalaka:

“I’m a big Ice-T fan — still have all of his albums on tape — which obviously helps, but even if you don’t like the guy’s music, he has had a very eventful life. He goes over it in great detail (for almost three hours) with very deferential hosts and the usual small audience.

If you only know Ice-T from his role on Law & Order SVU and you want to hear about how he used his military training to (actually) rob banks back in the day, for example, it’s a good listen.”

And as always, if there’s a podcast you think we should check out, want some love for your show, or you’re just looking for more personalised recommendations, get in touch with us!

Podcast Round Up- February 2017