Podcast Episode of The Year 2016 (6-1)

If you missed the first part of the countdown towards our Podcast Episode of The Year 2016, go back and read that first.

Here’s our favourite six podcast episodes released in 2016, featuring the best of storytelling, comedy and entertainment.

6. Homecoming


We’re kicking off the final part of our countdown of 2016’s best podcasts the same way we ended part one- by shining light on another excellent new show from Gimlet.

Featuring an all star cast including Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer, psychological thriller Homecoming proves Gimlet’s talents lie in more than just informative storytelling.

Homecoming starts strong and only gets better as the short six-episode first season continues, but you’re going to want to start at the beginning. Try to avoid spoilers and jump straight in with “MANDATORY“.

5. My Dad Wrote a Porno

S2E14: ‘Texas, USA’

Season one of Jamie Morton’s My Dad Wrote a Porno was mostly smutty, often disgusting and always hilarious. Never one to disappoint, the round table reading of the second book in Rocky Flintstone’s Belinda Blinked series makes its predecessor look tame.

James Cooper and Alice Levine return alongside Jamie for the best sequel since Shrek 2. While season two toes the line between the funny exploration of a father’s erotica and something you definitely shouldn’t listen to while eating, “Texas, USA” is the best of both worlds.

In what could arguably be described as the first proper cliffhanger in Belinda Blinked, episode 14 of the season sees our protagonist begin to discover the secret of American business contact Jim Stirling…

4. This American Life

585: In Defence of Ignorance

While WBEZ’s This American Life shone this year with stories running up to the presidential election, we’re taking a step back for our favourite episode of the year.

Broadcast just before our media become almost completely politics, “In Defence of Ignorance” is This American Life at its best.

Warm, charming and understated, Lulu Wang‘s “What You Don’t Know (Act One)” showcases the best in storytelling this year.

3. The Sporkful

Who is This Restaurant For?

WNYC’s food pod The Sporkful nets third place in our list this year for the four part series “Who Is This Restaurant For?”

Broadcast over one week in October, this miniseries explores coding and messages in restaurants. The way these subtle signs tell stories about race and culture made for some of the most powerful podcasting from 2016.

Hosted by Dan Pashman, “Who is This Restaurant For?” challenges assumptions and reflects in a way that’ll have you binging it all in one sitting.

2. Reply All

#79 Boy in Photo

All things Internet podcast Reply All nets Gimlet a third entry in our countdown for October’s “Boy in Photo“.

A show with consistently great quality, Reply All’s “Boy in Photo” stands out as the best. Host PJ Vogt investigates the mystery behind a strange house party photograph that appeared on an online message board in 2006.

While “Boy in Photo” almost feels like a bittersweet reminder of what Mystery Show‘s second season could have been, full credit goes to Reply All for remaining the jewel in Gimlet’s crown.

1. My Brother, My Brother and Me

309: Here Comes Ray Donovan

With a second entry in our countdown for nasty vore boy and media luminary Griffin McElroy, podcast episode of the year goes to My Brother, My Brother and Me for “Here Comes Ray Donovan“.

The comedy advice podcast from McElroy brothers Travis, Justin and Griffin typifies everything great about podcasting in 2016. It’s the McElroy’s unyielding optimism, sense of humour and willingness to make us all a little better that means they claim the title for Podblasts Podcast Episode of The Year 2016.

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