Last year was hard. Whether personally, nationally, or globally, there were points where 2016 felt overwhelming. And in a year where many of us felt scared or alone, it was more important than ever to find those voices willing to try and make the world a little better.

For that reason, comedy advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me nets the title of Podcast Episode of The Year for their 309th episode released in June, “Here Comes Ray Donovan“.

Click through to catch parts one and two of the countdown of our favourite podcast episodes from 2016, or keep reading to see why MBMBaM came out on top.

1. My Brother, My Brother and Me

309: Here Comes Ray Donovan

My Brother, My Brother and Me, hosted by McElroy brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin, typically sees the brothers answer personal questions from listeners alongside those found on the Yahoo! Answers service.

Along with usual questions and segments including fast-food-Lovecraftian-horror-corner Munch Squad, this episode sees the brothers riff about the return of TV show Ray Donovan for a third season on Showtime (or possibly Starz?). You don’t need to know anything about Ray Donovan to listen to this episode; in fact it relies on the fact that the McElroys definitely don’t.

Usually the questions provide the material, while the McElroy’s combination of gags, impressions and improvisation combine to make for one of the goofiest, most optimistic podcasts available.

However, “Here Comes Ray Donovan” not only acknowledges, but accepts, that sometimes shit gets so real that it’s hard to find that light at the end of the tunnel. And while by June a lot of us had already started to give up on 2016, the McElroys still blasted us with an hour of goofs and stunts.

MBMBaM doesn’t just standalone as a beacon of hope. The McElroy Extended Universe is packed full of podcasts, video series and all round good content from Justin, Travis and Griffin alongside their families, friends and coworkers.

Spanning Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Adventure Zone to yearly mall cop celebration Til Death Do Us Blartand from body horror to mouth horror and vehicular horror, the McElroy empire grows in terms of quality and quantity with every year.

“Here Comes Ray Donovan” isn’t the best episode of MBMBaM. It’s not even the funniest episode released this year. What it is however is a constant reminder that people like the McElroys exist, and that no matter how bad things are right now, they’ll get better.

“Here Comes Ray Donovan” isn’t just our podcast episode of 2016, it’s the podcast episode for 2016. I hope Ray Donovan never dies.

You can find My Brother, My Brother and Me at Maximum Fun or wherever you download podcasts, and keep an eye out for the MBMBaM TV show premiering later this year on Seeso.