It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another edition of Podcasts We’re Listening To, where we highlight some of the best audio content we’ve heard over the past seven days.

After a couple of pretty heavy weeks we’re leaning more towards storytelling and comedy this week, with just the slightest hint of politics and Trump right off the bat.

This American Life

#609: It’s Working Out Very Nicely

After another heady and exhausting week of headlines about the very worst of humanity, we’re all starting to get a bit sick of it. And we promise only one political podcast episode this week, but damn it’s a good one.

WBEZ staple This American Life examines what happened when President Trump’s executive order went into effect banning travel from seven countries last week.

As always with This American Life, it’s about exploring individual people- and their stories- so that we can learn to understand the big picture in all the nitty gritty detail. This week’s episode is probably Ira Glass‘ best outing this year so far, and a great listen if you’re confused about exactly what’s happening in the current political climate.

Creating Space Project

Connected to Culture

The Creating Space Project is a podcast we’ve only discovered this week- but one we wish we’d heard earlier. Every week psychologist Ruth Nelson asks a woman about an incredibly personal part of their being, and uses this story to explore values and ideals.

In this week’s episode Jayarna talks about her father leaving her at a young age, and how building a relationship again as adults has helped her reconnect with her Aboriginal culture.

Most episodes of Creating Space are pretty short and easily digestible, but incredible examples of the kind of material podcasts were made for. They’re great pieces of storytelling that aim to find the connections we share despite our diversities.

The Moth

Radio Hour: Mr. Rogers, Bellevue, Super Markets and Coney Island

While we’re on the subject of storytelling we have to mention The Moth, and luckily last Tuesday’s episode was a great one.

The Moth Radio Hour hosts five stories this time, with the very first being our favourite. Dr Danielle Ofri recounts one of her first shifts as a medical intern on one very long night in July.

As always, the storytellers featured on The Moth find a way to make us care about events that in the grand scheme of things just aren’t that important. What comes across as a throwaway tale to us could have been the biggest moment of someone’s life- and that’s exactly what The Moth makes us realise.

The Flop House

Ep. #223 – The Last Witch Hunter

It’s rare that a podcast manages to keep on going for so many years without producing a flop- luckily for our next pick that’s already kind of the point.

Every week, Elliott, Dan and Stuart express their friendship in the best possible way- by watching and dissecting a terrible movie. This week, they’re tackling 2015’s ‘The Last Witch Hunter’. You know, like Blade- but for witches.

It’s a discredit to just tag The Flop House as one of the many podcasts about bad movies when they’re blessed with the same qualities that make so many of the shows from Maximum Fun great. It’s an endearing exploration of comedy and friendship- oh yeah, and shitty films about witches.

Plumbing the Death Star

Why Does Your Snoke Theory Suck?

In a super long episode this week, the guys from Plumbing the Death Star get out the highlighters and string and start to dissect all your awful theories about who exactly Star Wars’ Snoke actually is.

While Plumbing always asks the important questions to get to the bottom of pop culture mysteries, this week’s episode (featuring guest host Steele Saunders) is especially good, and absolutely perfect for a long commute in these cold winter mornings.

If you’re in need of some more of that good content, check out the rest of the shows from Sanspants Radio.


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