If you’ve been hunting for some hot new podcast recommendations, look no further! Every week we publish our Podcasts We’re Listening To list, highlighting the best in podcasting from the past week.

From comedy to news and design, it’s a real mixed bag this week. And as always, if you think your show could make the cut, get in touch!

The It’s Nice That Podcast

006 – Colour

Showcasing creative work and design in all aspects of everyday life, the podcast version of It’s Nice That tries to work out just why certain creative choices are successful.

While only released once a month, it’s obvious that the show- from Will Hudson and Alex Bec– goes for quality over quantity every single time.

The latest episode is a fascinating insight into colour, and how the light we see around us can have dramatic impacts on our mood, perceptions and behaviour. Awesome hosts, awesome guests, awesome production. It’s Nice That.

The Outline World Dispatch

Monday 5/8/2017

News, Power, Culture, and The Future. This new podcast serves as an awesome audio version of stories from The Outline editorial team in the form of a cassette tape every weekday Monday through Thursday.

One story that really caught our eye in this Monday’s tape comes from Billy Disney and Sam Thonis, where in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, the questions are trivial but the pursuit is not.

It’s a short but incredibly sweet exploration of the world’s biggest trivia contest, but the beauty comes from the way it’s told. In World Dispatch, The Outline team combine some detailed soundscaping with great talent to tell stories you probably won’t hear anywhere else.


Ep. 42: Friendship Time

In CheapShowPaul Gannon and Eli Silverman dive head first into tat, bric-a-brac, and all things cheap for a podcast that’s as versatile as it is funny.

From studio reports to live events and location reports, what CheapShow lacks in sound design it more than makes up for in two incredibly talented hosts.

This week the boys tackle gift exchanges, American snacks, Tales from the Dance Floor and vinyl discoveries.

Multiple Threads

M.R. #1: Tee Beginnings

One brand new show that caught our attention this week comes from James Mankiewicz and Tim Ryan in the form of Multiple Threads, a podcast all about t-shirts.

It’s one of those shows we seem to cover in every edition of Podcasts We’re Listening To, where what looks at first like an incredibly niche interest podcast ends up being one of the best shows we’ve heard all week.

While there’s some great conversations about printing processes and design, what makes Multiple Threads so neat is the obvious passion from Tim and James on a subject so many of us wouldn’t give a second thought to. Best enjoyed alongside show notes.

Mt. Rushmore Podcast

Mt. Rushmore of Time Travel Devices

What are the four most iconic hoaxes? Theme songs? Secondary Star Wars droids? These are the important questions answered in Mt. Rushmore Podcast, where every week Richard ManfrediMichael Winfield and Jeff Hopkins try to populate their hypothetical rock facae with the top four of a given subject.

This time, alongside guest Paul Lurie, the gang make their case for the Mt. Rushmore of Time Travel Devices. From The Delorean to The Time Machine and Bill and Ted’s Phone Booth, there’s a whole range of pop culture time machines argued for.

Making for an awesome concept for a podcast we wish we’d have heard of sooner, Mt. Rushmore definitely makes our Mt. Rushmore of podcasts for this week.


As always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out, get in touch and give us a heads up!

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