We’re well into March now, and it’s been great seeing so many people sharing the podcast love with #trypod. We’ve been working hard to get as many recommendations out as we can, and we’re back at it right now.

Every Monday we release Podcasts We’re Listening To, where we highlight some of the best shows we’ve heard over the past seven days. As always, if you’re looking for recommendations, you’ve come to the right place.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

345: Candlenights in September

There’s no usual episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me, but fear not, because what we’ve got instead might be even better. Recorded during the filming of their new Seeso TV show, this week’s offering from the McElroy brothers is 2016’s Candlenights celebration from Huntington City Hall.

Perhaps MBMBaM’s best edition of their pan-religious, pan-sexual, personal pan winter holiday yet, Candlenights 2016 is a crash course in all your favourite McElroy goofs and stunts.

Car crashes, Amelie, Munch Squad, Sad Libs, dolls, and so much more, this year’s Candlenights is a welcome gift, even if it does come in the middle of March.

Sooo Many White Guys

#19 Phoebe Has a Threesome

Phoebe Robinson’s Sooo Many White Guys podcast is absolutely killing it at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Tired of being “the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians”, she’s having funny, honest and open conversations with some of the best artists and entertainers around.

This week, it’s the turn of John Early (TBS’ Search Party) and Baron Vaughn (Netflix’s Grace and Frankie) to join Phoebe.

We particularly enjoyed Baron’s chat, and it’s typical of what makes Sooo Many White Guys so good. From a fantastic Britney impression through to talking about being the only POC on a show saturated with white people, it’s the warmth and charm of its host that makes Sooo Many White Guys our favourite conversation podcast.


#2- America’s Television Graveyards

Motherboard’s new technology show pluspluspodcast has only just released its second episode, but it’s already firmly established itself as a podcast to keep your eyes on this year.

After an incredibly well researched investigation into the killing of a computer hacker for their premiere, this week Jason Koebler travels to Dallas to find out what happens when we fall out of love with the gadgets that are such a huge part of our lives.

An episode about why televisions are so hard to get rid of sounds like a bit of a tame subject after last week’s showstopper. But it’s a beautifully produced and presented second outing for pluspluspodcast, and one that’ll keep us excited for what’s coming up this season.

The Allusionist

52. Sanctuary

Helen Zaltzman’s bite-sized exploration of language continues this week with a look at ‘sanctuary’. This episode is inspired by the recent media coverage of sanctuary cities, alongside 99% Invisible’s two-parter on modern sanctuary.

Since its launch The Allusionist has been a podcasting staple, digesting some of the most interesting tidbits about the words we use every day into a short, sweet, and always super podcast.

This week’s episode is no disappointment. Through interviews with Rosalind Brown and John Jenkins, Zaltzman does what Zaltzman does best. Never flashy or ostentatious, this week’s Allusionist is smart, digestible, and as genuinely interesting as ever.

Why Oh Why

#23: As Seen on TV

At the beginning of the month we reviewed Why Oh Why, from Andrea Silenzi and Panoply. We described it as a podcast that explores dating, relationships and sex in the 21st century in a way that’s honest, refreshing and cathartic.

This week’s episode encapsulates everything we loved about Why Oh Why when we reviewed it, and shows the show is continually going from strength to strength.

If you’ve been reading Podblasts for a while you’ll understand our feelings about TV show The Bachelor. The incredible podcast Rose Buddies has been reviewing and breaking down the reality dating show week by week since early 2016, and now it’s Why Oh Why’s turn. This week Silenzi looks into what the show gets right and wrong about dating and relationships, and how it can help us talk about love, family and marriage.


73: The Rightful King of England, A Deadly Porn Stash and Something a Bit Alien

News in the UK is weird. While outsiders might be used to respectable journalism from the likes of The Guardian and the BBC, there’s much, much, much worse available.

Enter IRL UK, a podcast dedicated to exploring the very best (or should we say worst?) of shit tier tabloid and Real Life magazine stories. Every week Anna and Rhiannon bring you the pinnacle of sensationalist tripe and sex in one of the funniest British podcasts currently available.

This week’s episode covers royalty, pornography and aliens. What more could you want? IRL UK is, as ever, disgusting, hilarious, and propped up by two incredibly talented hosts.

The Good, The Dad & The Ugly

Ep3. Gerry Boujo- IVF & The Clinical Wank

Last month we chose new dads Seth and Jamie‘s The Good, The Dad & The Ugly as one of our favourite new podcasts.

The modern parenting show is a refreshing look at fatherhood from the perspective of two new dads, and despite infrequent releases it’s great to see the podcast back this week.

This time, the boys interview Gerry Boujo, dad to two children fathered through IVF. For what kind of boils down to a comedy chat show about parenthood, this week’s episode is remarkably frank. Hoping to get more guys talking about IVF and infertility, this outing for The Good, The Dad & The Ugly is honest, charming, and emphasises exactly why we liked the show when it launched.


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