It’s Monday (it’s Tuesday) and you know what that means. We’re back for another edition of Podcasts We’re Listening To, where we highlight all the best podcast episodes we’ve heard over the past week.

Sorry for being a day late, but that’s just because there’s been so many amazing podcasts to listen to, and nothing at all to do with a new season of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 that just came out.

This American Life

#614: The Other Mr. President

This week we discovered this super underground podcast called This American Life. You probably haven’t heard of it.

While This American Life is doing pretty well without being recommended on Podblasts, this week’s episode is just so incredibly good that we’ve got no choice but to scream about it.

Proving that WBEZ can tackle big picture politics just as well as they can make the insignificant seem huge, this week’s outing features everything you need to know about the Russia of it all. A great piece of journalism nonetheless, this is a fantastic listen if there’s some blank spots in your knowledge of Putin’s Russia.

First Day Back

Lovebirds (Season 2 Episode 1)

It’s Tally Abecassis‘ first day back as she dives straight into the second season of the brilliant First Day Back with an investigation into a strange murder case.

Lucie and Gerry were together for 13 years- and to everyone who knew them they seemed like the perfect couple. That is until one night in 2010 when Lucie shot and killed her husband.

This season on First Day Back– how do you bounce back after the worst thing you’ve ever done? Brilliantly produced and investigated, with some stellar hosting from Abecassis- we’ll definitely be following this season of First Day Back eagerly.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Best of Book Two

This Monday we were treated to one more taste of the flesh of mankind before the third season of My Dad Wrote a Porno begins May 29th.

The fact that what basically amounts to a clip show has made it onto this week’s Podcasts We’re Listening To just goes to show how much we’ve missed Jamie, James and Alice, and how much we can’t wait for series three.

Looking back on all the best (worst?) parts of Belinda Blinked 2, alongside commentary from our three hosts is exactly what we needed in the MDWAP drought. Our lids are well and truly popped- and ready for May.


Anna Akana on Breaking Up

We’ve been really getting into Stephanie Beatriz and Courtney Kocak‘s REALITY BYTES this week, and while Steph’s off this week, the latest episode is still incredibly good.

Heidi Heaslet fills in on the hilarious show that takes a look into sex, relationships and dating in the technology age, as our hosts interview actress Anna Akana.

This week we’re talking dick pics, break-ups and lots of sex. As always, there’s a great video version of the episode available if you’d rather get visual.

Every Little Thing

Rapture Chasers

This week we’ve been blessed with a brand new show from Gimlet, in the form of Every Little Thing with Flora Lichtman. Heading down the rabbit hole of facts, tidbits and phenomena, Every Little Thing is pretty simply just a podcast about cool and interesting stuff.

In the first episode we meet the people obsessed with viewing total eclipses, and while the subject matter’s interesting enough on its own- Gimlet have struck gold again with finding great talent for their shows.

Lichtman is warm, enthusiastic and likeable- and maybe she’s just always on our mind when we’re listening to Gimlet shows- but a phone call at the start of the episode reminded us so much of Starlee Kine we couldn’t stop smiling. Lots more Flora Lichtman please, and lots more Every Little Thing.


Episode #17: The Casino of the Sprits

Jennifer Dasal’s sick of hearing people say that art is boring, lifeless, or not understandable. So to fix that, she’s launched the ArtCurious podcast to explore the odd, unexpected and wonderful bits of art history.

This week’s episode takes us on a tour of the dark, enigmatic and spooky side of art and architecture in Venice. If you’re not really an art person- don’t be put off. The thing we loved about ArtCurious is that first and foremost it’s an awesome storytelling show- as an added bonus you learn quite a lot about art too.

Dasal’s storytelling- especially in this slightly creepier episode- comes across reminiscent of Aaron Mahnke’s in Lore, and we absolutely loved it. Lights off, candles lit- get ready to be spooked and educated.

As always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out, get in touch and give us a heads up!

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