We’re tackling a diverse range of comedy and storytelling podcasts this time, so there’ll be definitely be something here that takes your fancy.

Mysterious Mysteries

Series 1 Review

Mysteries Mysteries was our favourite new podcast of 2016, and despite a painfully short first season, this week we’ve been gifted with one special episode while we gear up for the next round.

This week, Mick and Matthew reflect on the best moments of their performances of original mysteries from last season.

If you missed last year’s outing of incredibly immature original radio dramas, be sure to check out the back catalogue in preparation for series 2 coming this spring.

Sinema – Pitch Please

Pitch Please Episode 22: Video Game

Each fortnight on the Sinema podcast Joel Grove and John Harris pick apart one of IMDB’s bottom 100 movies, making for one of the most unique of the thousands of movie shows currently available.

Every other week, Sinema takes the form of Pitch Please, where guests join the hosts to spitball the concept of a new original movie. Pitch Please is like the cinema equivalent of Polygon’s CoolGames Inc, and oh boy it’s a good one.

This week, Luke Owen joins the boys as they attempt to create their very own MMORPG movie.

99% Invisible

247- Usonia the Beautiful

This week’s episode of 99% Invisible is the final chapter in a two-part series on architectural game changer Frank Lloyd Wright, and the story of how one man tried to change homebuilding in America for good.

Avery Truffleman continues the tale started last week, exploring how attitudes towards cheap and simple housing aimed to rebuild the living culture of a country.

As always, this week’s 99% Invisible is a fascinating look into design and architecture, and one that you should definitely listen to if you don’t think a design and architecture podcast is for you.

Missing Richard Simmons

1. Where’s Richard

On February 15, 2014, fitness guru Richard Simmons didn’t turn up to teach the exercise class he’d led for 40 years- he’d disappeared. It’s almost unheard of now for someone so notably in the public eye to just vanish, but that’s what happened.

New podcast Missing Richard Simmons is filmmaker Dan Taberski‘s investigation into what happened to his friend and the worldwide superstar. So many of the investigative journalism podcasts that have popped up in the space left by Serial have been incredibly serious, and over the top in terms of their dark and grizzly subject matter.

Missing Richard Simmons is a genuinely fresh approach to the investigation podcast. It’s incredible well produced, filled with voices, and a genuinely fascinating story.

News Roast

Ep. 3: John Lloyd

Creator of British TV show QI John Lloyd joins Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein for this week’s (Feb 13) episode of comedy and current affairs podcast News Roast.

It’s a show that’s rapidly rising in the podcast charts after launching a month ago, and one that combines news and celebrity guests in a way that’s sure to keep its popularity growing.

Suggested talking points this week: Should we teach philosophy to four year old children? What is consciousness? Will Artificial Intelligence destroy the planet?


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