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Love and Movies

Episode 3: Dirty Dishes and As You Wishes

This new show might just be the sweetest podcast ever, and we think you’re gonna enjoy it as much as we have been.

Aiming to have recorded stories about their lives together to show their son when he grows up, every week Eric and Monica reminisce about their past by exploring movies they’ve both loved.

It’s an incredibly simple podcast, yet one that’s as endearing as it is unique. This week Eric and Monica talk about their first apartment together, and the movie The Princess Bride.

At under 20 minutes a pop, Love and Movies isn’t just a beautiful and novel way to preserve memories, it’s a digestible and sentimental love story through the lens of cinema.

Hello from the Magic Tavern

INTERLUDE- Scenes from Foon

If you’re a regular to Podcasts We’re Listening To, you’ll notice we’ve featured improvised storytelling show Hello From the Magic Tavern a few times in the past. Well, we’re doing it again today, because this week’s episode is new classic.

While we’re still waiting for the results of Arnie, Chunt and Usidore’s quest to defeat the Dark Lord, this week we’re treated to vignettes of what else is going on around the Land of Foon.

This is one of the first episodes for Magic Tavern in a while that really highlights the improv work that goes into the show. The range of stories told this week comes across as more of a sketch show than what we’re used to, but yikes is it good.

Quickly Kevin; Will He Score?

Paul Merson: S01E03

Podcasts excel at giving a voice to niche interests. If even a few people are into a subject, you can bet there’s a podcast available. And if you’ve been yearning for a podcast all about UK football from 1990-1999, you’re in luck.

From Josh WiddicombeChris Scull and Michael Marden, Quickly Kevin; Will He Score? is the best (well, only) new podcast dedicated to reliving the bronze age of football.

Charming, funny, and one that makes us painfully miss Josh Widdicombe’s old XFM show, Quickly Kevin is a throwback podcast that we hope sticks around.

Cascadian Beer Podcast

Strathcona Beer Company- Vancouver, BC

While we’re doing niche interest shows, Aaron Johnson’s Cascadian Beer Podcast is one we’ve been getting into this week. In every episode Aaron travels to a brewery in the Pacific Northwest to get the story behind the beer- this time he’s at Strathcona in Vancouver.

While on its surface this show’s probably going to only appeal to craft beer enthusiasts, it’s pretty interesting even if you don’t care about brewing.

It’s one of those shows that’s just as much about the storytelling process as it is about a subject. Sure, Cascadian Beer Podcast is first and foremost a, well, beer podcast, but it’s also a pretty neat insight into the people, places and communities that the beer comes from.

I Think You’re Interesting

Laura Zak and Kate Fisher

From Todd VanDerWerff, Vox’s latest podcast I Think You’re Interesting is a neat new interview show. Featuring guests you’ll know alongside ones you might not, each week Todd chats to players from the worlds of art, entertainment and pop culture.

This week’s guests are Laura Zak and Kate Fisher, two of the minds behind YouTube series Her Story, tales of the lives of trans and queer women in Los Angeles.

I Think You’re Interesting doesn’t rely on gimmicks or over produced audio to get through an interview- it’s just genuinely interesting conversations with genuinely interesting people. This podcast emphasises that Vox’s storytelling flair- employed so well in video content– can work just as well for audio, and we’re looking forward to what’s in store for the rest of the series.


#06. Comfy Pants – Marie and Kate

We get it, you don’t have time to listen to every single podcast we recommend. But at just over 10 minutes a pop, Kismet is one you don’t really have an excuse to miss.

Digestibly short and beautifully sweet, it’s a show that chronicles the connections and meetings behind friendships, loves and rivalries. Interestingly there’s no host, no presenter, just real stories that capture real memories.

This time, Marie and Kate recall how a meeting at a party in Brooklyn turned into a lasting friendship and musical partnership. Some great sound design here turns a great chat into a great piece of storytelling, and makes Kismet a show we’re happy to scream about this week.


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