Monday! As always here at Podblasts, the start of a new week means we’re ready to spread the good word about all the amazing podcast episodes we’ve been listening to over the past week.

For this week’s edition of Podcasts We’re Listening To, we’re casting our ears across a whole range of genres. From politics to video games and genealogy, here’s six awesome podcast recommendations just for you.

Cool Games Inc

Episode 50: CoolGames Inc in the City

It’s amazing to think Polygon’s CoolGames Inc has been around for 50 episodes now. Over the past year Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy have created a whole range of video games- we’ve had vore, Sonic The Hedgehog, vore, cars, even a soupçon of vore.

For a special 50th episode, our boys present CoolGames Inc in the City, which sees Nick and Griffin together face to face in a move that’s been hailed as “almost as good as that time they did an episode in a pool at E3“.

This week’s game is ‘Taste Buds’, a friends-only cooperative VR food experience. For the best podcast ingestion experience, check out CoolGames Inc in sweet sweet 1080p.

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

22 Apr 2017

While we’re on the subject of Nick Robinson, this week we really enjoyed BBC Radio 4‘s Political Thinking. If you haven’t worked out yet, we’re talking about political commentator Nick Robinson and not video anime boy Nick Robinson.

An interesting show that combines British current affairs with reflection on the week’s reporting, this week’s episode is probably the busiest yet. Because, you know, there’s been quite a bit of politics going on in the UK this week.

The thinking behind the questions Robinson asked Prime Minister Theresa May makes for a slightly more in depth news podcast than the ones we usually feature, and it’s a great listen for anyone who has questions about the current British political climate.

No One Knows Anything

Bill O’Reilly Ousted, Alex Jones on Trial

And while we’re on the subject of politics (damn we’re good at segues this week), we really recommend checking out No One Knows Anything from BuzzFeed News.

The incredibly talented news team at BuzzFeed talk us through the biggest stories in US politics in just over half an hour- a great way to fill in any knowledge gaps in the stories everyone’s talking about.

This week: Bill OReilly’s ousting from Fox News, special elections, and how Alex Jones’ custody trial just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Another Round

Episode 88: I Got Indian In My Family

We’ve gotta hand it to BuzzFeed, their podcast offerings this week have been awesome. (Also, we promise we’re not sponsored by BuzzFeed, but we are definitely open to offers *wink wink*).

Tracey Clayton and Heben Nigatu‘s Another Round delivers a stellar episode this week, featuring a team up with WNYC’s Only Human podcast.

Growing up, Tracey always heard that her ancestors were “black, white, and American Indian”. In this episode of Another Round, Tracey turns to DNA ancestry tests and the experts to find out exactly where she comes from. As funny as it is interesting, it’s the talents of Tracey and Heben that make Another Round a podcast we’re always returning to.

Made of Human with Sofie Hagen

35. Mark Watson- Higgledy Piggledy Porn

If you looked up the word ‘lovely’ in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of stand-up comedian Sophie Hagen. And the Made of Human podcast embodies everything that’s so funny, likeable and endearing about its creator.

Made of Human is all about talking to great people to find connections. Working out all the confusing and hurtful bits of life through a show that’s consistently funny, thought-provoking and super nice.

This time, Sophie is joined by fellow comedian Mark Watson for a chat about mirroring worries, Derren Brown, happiness, criticism, confidence, and so much more.


That’s all we’ve got for this week! If you make your way through all these recommendations, check out past editions of Podcasts We’re Listening To!

And as always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out- get in touch!