For the fourth and final time this month, plug in your headphones and get ready for this week’s edition of Podcasts We’re Listening To. Every Monday we bring you the very best of the week’s podcast episodes, and today’s no different.

As #trypod month draws to a close, we’re celebrating with our biggest ever weekly digest ever, starting right now!

The Call with Erica Williams Simon

002: Sally Kohn

We’re kicking things off this week with Man Repeller’s latest podcast The Call. Fronted by the incredible Erica Williams Simon, each week she sits down with an inspiring woman and digs deep to find out how they answered ‘their call’.

What sounds on its surface like some self help junk is actually an awesome new podcast that features in depth conversations that are genuinely interesting and even a little inspiring themselves.

This week’s guest is TV news commentator Sally Kohn, on how she stood up for herself and her values in a wildly noisy media landscape. It’s an honest look behind punditry, and we overwhelmingly recommend it this week.


Episode 14. Free Speech or Nah?

SWOTI (Someone’s Wrong On The Internet) is a podcast that launched at the end of last year, and that bills itself as politics and pop culture by millennials of colour.

Join Joe and Brie as they unpack current affairs while acknowledging that the coverage we’re getting at the moment so often comes from people who don’t look like, act like, or understand the millennials who care about what’s happening in the world.

This time our hosts tackle free speech, and the rising wave of headlines we’re seeing about the First Amendment, from controversial pundits to college campuses. It’s a show that’s as funny as it is insightful. Stay woke SWOTI.

The Weekly Muniz

Ep. 44 – Blast Vegas

In every episode of The Weekly Muniz, Hayden and Duncan get together for an in depth discussion about everyone’s favourite child movie star and adult everything star Frankie Muniz, in the goal that they’ll eventually land an interview with him.

This week, the man himself is in Vegas, so the guys watch Blast Vegas, a SyFy original disaster movie.

The Weekly Muniz is as niche as podcasts get, and while subjects often veer away from Frankie, it’s a show that’s funny, entertaining, and comes with some pretty rad jingles.

Recode Decode

What tech can do about homelessness

Recode’s Recode Decode landed a great episode this week, as host Kara Swisher interviews Tipping Point Community CEO Daniel Lurie.

The episode explores the organisation’s efforts to fight homelessness in San Francisco, and it’s a fascinating look into corporate responsibility and how tech giants should see philanthropy as a cultural priority.

As always, it’s Swisher’s excellent and smart hosting skills combined with fascinating guests and topics that makes Recode Decode a must listen for anyone interested in the wider world of tech.

The Adventure Zone

Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour Part Two

We’ve been listening to a lot of Maximum Fun shows this week to get in the MaxFunDrive spirit, but it’s this week’s edition of The Adventure Zone (Griffin, Justin, Travis & Clint McElroy) that really caught our attention.

While Lunar Interludes are usually a pretty good stop-gap between story arcs for new listeners to jump into, this one definitely isn’t. At the risk of having this website become a Griffin McElroy fan zine, it’s the incredible amount of passion and work put into this show from the DM- combined with one of the most loving and talented families on earth- that has seen The Adventure Zone get better and better with every new episode.

If you’re looking to get into The Adventure Zone, trust us, you’re probably going to want to start from the beginning. Don’t forget to support Max Fun while you’re at it.

Boys Only Club

Reina’s Ecstasy Story | Ep. 4

From Reina Scully and Steven Suptic, Boys Only Club is a great new podacst slash YouTube show that we’ve been catching up on this week. It’s one of those shows that’s difficult to categorise- it’s just two friends chatting. But, it’s loud, fun, and overwhelmingly cheery. Check out the latest episode below.

As always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out, get in touch and give us a heads up!

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