It’s Monday (okay it’s Wednesday but we’ve been busy), and that means it’s time for another edition of Podcasts We’re Listening To, where we highlight some of the best shows we’ve heard over the past seven days.

It’s a real mixed bag this week, with podcasts ranging from investigative journalism through to longform music discussion.


Presents: Ponzi Supernova

We’re kicking things off this week with a fantastic piece of storytelling in journalism presented by Radiolab. Reporter Steve Fishman and former Radiolabber Ellen Horne visit the studio to play snippets fro their new Audible series Ponzi Supernova.

For the first time ever, this is the comprehensive story of Bernie Madoff, told by the man himself. In his own words, Ponzi Supernova follows the story of how one man masterminded the biggest financial scheme in history, leaving a $65 billion black hole.

Combining great storytelling with prison phone conversations that remind us so much of a first-season-of-a-certain-podcast-we’re-trying-hard-not-to-mention-in-every-article, you’ll definitely want to check out Ponzi Supernova- either the short Radiolab teaser or Audible’s full series.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

The Women’s March on Versailles

Managing to stay as topical as a show about history possibly can, this week Stuff You Missed in History Class tackles 1789’s Women’s March on Versailles only weeks after 2017’s worldwide Women’s March.

This week Holly Frey and Tracy V. Wilson do what they’ve always done best; managing to make pretty complicated events digestible and entertaining in a pretty short podcast.

Learn how a group of protesters- mostly women- marched from Paris to Versailles to pressure King Louis XVI to address France’s food shortage. And while we’re praising Stuff You Missed in History Class, check out last week’s especially good episode on Ira Frederick Aldridge.

Rose Buddies

Ep. 58: Thirty-Eight Quarter-Jobs

As this season of ABC’s The Bachelor starts to wrap up, join Rachel and Griffin McElroy for a recap of all the action ahead of this season’s Final Four.

Despite a pretty lame episode of the TV show this week, we find out the identity of the next Bachelorette, which you just knoooow is gonna make for some good good content.

As always, it’s the Rose Buddies community that make the show so great. Check out our article about them from earlier in the month.

The Great Albums

Sleater-Kinney- the Woods

The Great Albums is a podcast we’ve only just recently discovered, but one that’s sure to be a new favourite for music fans. From indie rock musicians Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson, each episode goes into great length dissecting and discussing some of their favourite albums.

This week, Bill and Brian are joined by musician Nick Palmer for a conversation about Sleater-Kinney’s 2005 album the Woods.

Unlike a lot of music podcasts we’ve listened to, The Great Albums is a show that’ll keep you listening even if you’re not familiar with the specific artist being discussed. It’s a great longform journey into the personal and technical aspects behind some of the best albums ever made.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous Peoples

48. Power Grid of Love

Beautiful / Anonymous is a show that’s been incredibly popular since its launch, but this week’s is particularly good. Each week, comedian Chris Gethard opens up the phone lines for a one hour conversation with a total stranger.

Aptly for Valentine’s Day, this week Chris talks to a caller who wants to “disconnect from her ex-boyfriend’s power grid”.

As human and soul-bearing as ever, yesterday’s (Feb 14) episode of Beautiful / Anonymous definitely deserves its place as one of the Podcasts We’re Listening To this week.

As always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out, get in touch and give us a heads up!

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