Hey! We are back in business and here to dish out recommendations for some of the hottest podcasts we’ve heard over the past few weeks.

Sit back, relax, and treat your ears to Podcasts We’re Listening To, and these awesome shows we’ve absolutely loved listening to recently.

Mysterious Mysteries

S2E1- The Murders at Number 10

Mysterious Mysteries was our stand out favourite new podcast of 2016, and it’s a relief to see that the recent launch of season two is a return to form.

Join Mick and Matthew every week for readings of original mystery dramas ranging from piracy on the high seas to mankind’s first expedition to Mars. Kicking off a new season with a political thriller to rival House of Cards, the Prime Minister and his cabinet are placed under lockdown at risk of a chemical attack.

As engrossing as it is, well, gross- Mysterious Mysteries might just be the funniest show currently airing, and tops the list for podcasts we’d love to see performed live.

Wow in the World

The Search For Planet 9 And Our Sushi-Powered Brains

New show Wow in the World from NPR is perhaps the most adorable podcast we’ve ever heard. With their usual stellar storytelling formula, NPR have created a show that’s as accessible for kids as it is interesting for adults listening too.

If you’re used to hearing Guy Raz host the TED Radio Hour podcast, Wow in the World comes as a pleasant surprise. Along with Mindy Thomas, the hosts of Wow in the World manage to harbour the peppiest podcast environment we’ve ever heard.

With subjects ranging from what early humans ate through to a mysterious ninth planet- Why in the World is curious, fun, and so ridiculously sweet.

Deviant Women

#9 Harry Crawford

Every fortnight Alicia and Lauren discuss a ‘deviant’ woman from history, fiction and mythology who breaks the rules, subverts the system, explores and challenges the status quo.

Recently we really enjoyed the fascinating story of Harry Crawford, a tough-talking, whiskey-drinking ladies man who was charged with the murder of his wife after being revealed to have been assigned female at birth.

Alongside engrossing stories, it’s the charismatic hosts of Deviant Women that make the podcast so great. Featuring awesome healthy attitudes towards gender and sexual identity despite the less than understanding narrative of the historical context, we’ll definitely be coming back to listen to more Deviant Women from Alicia and Lauren.

The Slow Home Podcast

Start the day with gentleness

In The Slow Home Podcast, Brooke McAlry and her husband Ben tackle subjects that make us evaluate our over-worked, over-stressed modern lives.

Each week, they focus on ways we can slow down, relax, and take stock of the things that are really important. This week’s episode takes a thoughtful look at how starting our days with a little more calm and care can make a huge difference.

The Slow Home Podcast is one of our recent discoveries, and one that we can’t wait to come back to. From the subject matter to the presentation, it’s a show that’s quiet, caring, and might just help make a real change for good in your life.


#15: Almost Home

We’ve covered a load of history shows here on Podcasts We’re Listening To, but Historium from Jake Barton is one of our new favourites. And while the podcast usually reaches further back into the history books, the latest episode takes place pretty recently.

Barton’s telling of the space shuttle Columbia disaster fits in as much detail as possible in a short 28 minutes, and manages to perfectly balance accurate storytelling with compassion and understanding for such a relatively recent ordeal.

Historium’s an incredible show for what appears to be a one man production. Insanely careful research, awesome delivery and a thoughtfully fitting backing track makes for one of the best history podcasts we’ve ever heard.


That’s all we’ve got for this week! If you make your way through all these recommendations, check out past editions of Podcasts We’re Listening To!

And as always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out- get in touch!