As the Mysterious Man in this week’s episode of Hello From The Magic Tavern said, people have got their commute, or 40 minute period of staring toward the horizon wondering what went wrong to get through, and damnit, we’re going to distract you.

And that’s what we’re going to do this week. If you’ve been looking for some podcast recommendations, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Alan Davies- As Yet Untitled


If you’re a fan of British TV show, QI, you’ll be more than familiar with Alan Davies. This week saw the return of his Dave TV show As Yet Untitled, and with it comes a great new podcast episode.

This week guests including Davina McCall, Jimmy Carr and My Dad Wrote a Porno’s Alice Levine join Alan for a round table conversation about, well, nothing at all.

As Yet Untitled is one of those rare victories where a TV show manages to translate its content very well to a podcast format, and it makes for a great half hour comedy chat.

Reply All

#89 Worldstar

The jewel in the crown of Gimlet’s podcasting empire- Reply All– uploaded perhaps their best outing of 2017 yet this week.

In the latest episode of the all-things-Internet podcast, hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman document the rise of Worldstar Hip Hop, and its founder Lee O’Denat.

As always, great interviews and bits of audio help make Reply All the incredible well oiled zeitgeist machine it is, and provides an awesomely detailed look into Internet history.

Plumbing the Death Star

How Effective is the Prime Directive?

In five of the six Star Trek based series, the Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the development of alien civilisations who have yet to master warp drive technology. Except all of the time, when this gets completely ignored again and again.

In this week’s edition of Plumbing the Death Star, Jackson, Adam, Zammit and Shanks get beamed straight aboard the USS Podcast to dissect the Prime Directive.

Funny, thought provoking, and dipping deeper into pop culture than anyone probably ever should, this week’s episode of Plumbing is as good as ever.

Serial Killers

Aileen Wuornos

One of our favourite new podcasts, and one quickly rising in the charts, Parcast’s Serial Killers sees Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson take a glimpse into the mind, method and madness of some of the world’s most notorious serial killers.

This week’s episode is the start of a two part series on Aileen Wuornos, who killed seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990. This podcast takes a really interesting look at the public and professional reactions towards female serial killers in particular.

Combining real voice clips with acted segments, Serial Killers is a great addition to the huge range of true crime podcasts currently available.

The Recital Room

Episode 1- Beethoven

Another great new podcast we’ve been listening to this week is The Recital Room from Benedict Nelson and Mark Stone. This new show aims to make classical music more accessible and approachable, in a pretty ambitious way.

Each episode features a mini recital from prominent international artists, with a conversation wrapped around the subject of the performance.

This first outing for The Recital Room is all about Beethoven, with performance from Ben Johnson and Sholto Kynoch.

Nintendo Voice Chat

We Spent a Few Days with Switch and Zelda

IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast is on great form this week as suggested talking points include the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, a hands on review of the system and the lack of Virtual Console on launch.

From Jose Otero, Peer Schneider, Alanah Pearce and Brendan Graeber, this week’s Nintendo Voice Chat is a fast paced and light hearted podcast that’s a must listen for die-hard Nintendo fans.

What it lacks in production values it makes up for in confident and engaging presenters, proving yet again that the best podcasts are ones that take advantage of the medium, instead of relying on audio tricks and over engineering.


As always, if you’ve got a podcast you think we should check out, get in touch and give us a heads up!
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