It’s almost been a year since season two of WBEZ’s investigative journalism podcast Serial wrapped up. With little information about the show in the year since, we’re all wondering- what can we expect from season three?

Season one investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, and the second season looked into US army soldier Bowe Bergdahl, but we’ve had no confirmation of what season three will hold so far, although we can start to make some guesses.

Last November a local news site reported that Serial host Sarah Koenig and show producer Dana Chivitz had been seen attending the court case of Douglas Shine in Cleveland. Shine was sentenced to life in jail late last year after killing three people inside a barbershop in 2015.

A true crime story is what made Serial the worldwide sensation it is today when the show premiered in 2014, so it’s possible they could attempt to do the same again.

And while we might not know for sure what the next season of Serial will hold, we’ll find out very soon what the show’s creators have been working on in between seasons. Earlier this month Vulture reported that the team behind the show had launched Serial Productions, a new podcast production company.

Their upcoming project, S-Town, is said to be a limited series hosted by This American Life producer Brian Reed. According to the original report, the full series will be available instantly some time in March.

Keep checking back, we’ll be posting as soon as we have more information about Serial Season 3. If you need a podcast fix in the meantime, make sure to check out our weekly run down of the Podcasts We’re Listening To.