It’s an all too common problem. There’s the ghost of a Victorian washerwoman keeping you up all night, you found a cursed talisman behind Burger King, maybe your kids got eaten by a chupacabra.

Whatever’s happened, you need help. Your friends don’t believe you, your family can’t help because that chupacabra ate them, and the authorities are probably in on it all.

If we were living in the last century, you’d have to head out to some dusty library to get the details necessary to go track down whatever’s plaguing you. But it’s 2017, and the modern monster hunter is looking for a more accessible source of information.

Here’s five podcasts for monster hunters.

The Last Podcast on The Left

The world is full of horrors. Some definitely real, some probably real, and others are debatable. No matter how tangible your spook is, The Last Podcast on The Left has you covered.

From Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks, every week The Last Podcast on The Left gives you all the information you’re gonna need before you head out to solve your mystery. From Bigfoot to witch hunting, chemtrails and UFO’s, these guys have got you covered.

What seems at it’s surface like a goofy chat between three guys, there’s an incredible amount of detail that goes into every episode of TLPOTL. Delving into a trove of source material, this is a show that’s as interesting as it is funny.

It’s not just the paranormal either. The guys kicked off 2017 with an incredible five part series on Jack The Ripper, which is a must listen for true crime podcast fans.

Kevin’s Cryptids

Cryptids, so hot right now. And new podcast for 2017 Kevin’s Cryptids is capitalising on this passion with an immersive adventure audio drama.

The show follows self proclaimed cryptid hunter Kevin Weathers and esteemed journalist Taylor Hunt as they travel the world in search of much needed proof that the things that go bump in the night are real.

Funny, engaging and well-produced, Kevin’s Cryptids is the perfect combination of radio drama and paranormal mystery. Start from the beginning.


Are you afraid of the dark? You will be…

From Phil Holmes, SCARED? is a unique twist on the call-in podcast, featuring your real life stories about spooks and scares.

With subjects ranging from demons, UFOs, and of course Bigfoot, what makes SCARED? so special compared to similar podcasts is that it lends an incredibly human angle on stories that are so inhuman.

The podcast is minimalist in terms of sound design, and it doesn’t need to be anything else. Holmes knows exactly when to let his guests do the talking, and that gimmicks and even a backing track aren’t necessary most of the time.

To say it’s a podcast about ghosts and monsters, the subject of SCARED? most of the time seems to be those who call in to talk to Holmes. And that’s key to what makes it such a great show. A great source of anecdotal knowledge before you set out on your monster hunting quest.

The Paranormal Podcast

Racking up almost 500 episodes, Jim Harold’s The Paranormal Podcast is one of the longest running shows about creepy things ever.

The podcast features interviews with authors, TV hosts and celebrities about all things unexplained. From a great recent interview with Uri Geller, through to krampuses and (of course) Bigfoot, The Paranormal Podcast has a little bit of everything.

The longevity of the show is testament to it’s quality, and it’s harder to find a more detailed back catalogue of information about ghosts, cryptids, and everything paranormal.

Monster Talk

From Blake Smith and Karen Stollznow, Monster Talk is a paranormal and cryptozoology podcast for skeptics. Since 2009 they’ve been digging into the unknown, and in their own words Monster Talk is “a monster-themed program gives skepticism more than just a couple minutes of lip service.”

Through interviews with psychologists, investigators and academics, Monster Talk tackles cryptids, ghosts and monsters with an open mind, but one that isn’t afraid to call bullshit.

They’ve done yetis, fairies, haunted dolls and poltergeists, and while Monster Talk isn’t a podcast that sticks to the most rigid release schedule, every episode is well worth the wait.


If those podcasts don’t give you enough information to beat whatever’s spooking you, nothing will. If you’re looking for even more creepy audio, check out all our recommendations for spooky podcasts!