If you haven’t watched Terrace House yet, you’re missing out. The Japanese reality show, broadcast on Netflix, recently premiered a new season centred in Hawaii, and the show is increasingly gaining in popularity outside of Japan.

What makes Terrace House so popular is how different it is to westernised reality TV. From appearances at least, the show is completely unscripted, and comes with virtually no drama or production manipulation.

And because audio fancasts are the hottest thing on the block right now, of course there’s Terrace House podcasts. We listened to them.

Terrace House Mafia

Who: Chad & Nick

Latest Episode: Boys & Girls in the City- Ep. 13

From Chad Heimann and Nick Robinson (Polygon, CoolGames Inc) comes Terrace House Mafia, an incredibly digestible Terrace House fancast that’s popping off episodes like crazy.

Released every few days, Terrace House Mafia is a funny and snappy podcast recapping what happened on the last episode of Terrace House that Nick and Chad watched.

If you’re familiar with CoolGames Inc or Car Boys, you’ll know what to expect from any of that good good Nick Robinson content, and with most episodes under ten minutes long, it’s easy to catch up. We’ll definitely do this again.

No Script At All

Who: Andrea & Brendon

Latest Episode: Aloha State- Ep. 3

If you’re looking for more in depth conversations about Terrace House, No Script At All is the place to look.

From Andrea Caprotti and Brendon Bigley (Daily Active User), No Script At All jumps straight into Aloha State in the hopes that something can top the infamous meat crime of Boys & Girls in The City.

Another friendly and funny show, No Script At All is a slightly more longform answer to the Terrace House fancast, that begins to delve into the metagame behind our favourite Japanese reality show.

Terrace House Talks

Who: Chris & Brittany

Latest Episode: Aloha State- Ep. 1

Terrace House Talks is the closest thing to an academic version of the Terrace House fancast we could find and the moment, and with only one episode released so far it’s easy to jump straight into.

From Chris and Brittany, who both seem to have spent some time immersed in Japanese culture, we’ve found way more analysis in this show than the other Terrace House podcasts we listened to.

It’s interesting to come at dissecting Terrace House from a cultural point of view, but considering that most of us who can’t speak Japanese have to read the show, the discussions in Terrace House Talks about linguistics and translations really add a new layer to the game.

Terrace Housecast: Boys and Girls on the Internet

Who: Dave, Kevin & Pam

Latest Episode: Aloha State- Ep. 3

At around an hour an episode, Terrace Housecast is the longest Terrace House podcast we listened to, and funnily enough, probably has the least discussion about Terrace House in it.

David Adler, Kevin Tsui and Pam Gluss have finally got to the point where they’ve all seen the episode of Terrace House being discussed before talking about it, and while there’s some super long digressions about anything but the show, it’s a super sweet podcast.

Terrace Housecast feels much more like a roundtable chat between friends at a bar than a podcast about a TV show, but it’s a really charming one nonetheless.


These four shows should keep you occupied if you’ve already consumed all the Terrace House content you can find, but if you manage all this as well, there’s a great episode of The Bachelor fancast Rose Buddies on Terrace House too.