Parenting podcasts are nothing new. Shows like One Bad Mother, The Boob Group and Totally Mommy have proved for years that there’s a market for audio content for parents, but there’s one group who’ve gone under represented in the niche of podcasts-for-people-who-have-children.

While online communities like Mumsnet have long supported parents, there’s a lack of resources and content specifically for dads. New podcast The Good, The Dad & The Ugly aims to change that.

From expectant fathers Tom Sabbadini and Jamie Tucker, The Good, The Dad & The Ugly bills itself as a complete guide to being a dad and having a baby, from a few guys who haven’t got a clue.

There’s only one episode available so far, with guest host Ben Ockrent, but it’s proved popular enough to rise the podcast charts pretty quickly and be featured on the iTunes New & Noteworthy list.

At just under 40 minutes long, episode one is a pretty pacy introduction to the series, but it’s a show that’s already found its ground as a great and funny source of anecdotal advice for new dads, although it can definitely be enjoyed by anyone.

One of the concerns about a podcast advertised as ‘for men’, is that it’ll fall into the trap of being some overtly red pilled macho playground, but The Good, The Dad & The Ugly manages to completely avoid this. Instead of being aggressively patriarchal, this by-dads-for-dads podcast has some pretty sweet reflections on gender roles and what being a father in the 21st century actually means.

Stories featured on the first episode include packing the hospital bag, near death experiences and perineum massages. Not just for dads, this podcast is one that’ll definitely become more popular as the series continues.

The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast is available from iTunes or wherever you download podcasts.

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