It sounds strange to talk about promoting a medium- you never hear anyone saying “Hey, check out this cool new thing called television!”- but podcasts barely existed ten years ago. And for a media format that was born during the social revolution, it seems only natural that we’re taking to new and emerging platforms to get the word out.

The beauty of podcasting is that it’s a playground for anyone. Small indie operations can find just as much popularity as shows with large networks and organisations behind them, and for this March, podcasters are coming together to share the love for their platform.

Informally led by NPR, but joined by groups including Gimlet, WBEZ, Night Vale Presents, ESPN, Earwolf and many more, the Try Podcast (#trypod) campaign is asking for people to shout out about the shows they love. And it’s almost endearing to see how kind #trypod is- it’s not a competition or a scheme for one specific network to get ahead.

“It’s about working together across the industry, growing the overall pie,” Israel Smith, Sr. Director of Promotion at NPR told Podblasts.

We’re only a week into March, but with the amount of activity we’ve been seeing online, we asked Smith about the response to #trypod so far:

“[We’re] absolutely delighted. I was thinking this morning, watching the Twitter stream, there’s a real validation of the power and the deeply personal place that podcasts and podcasts hosts play in peoples lives.”

And heading into the rest of March, the #trypod campaign seems like it can only keep growing. It’s win-win-win, podcast creators get more listeners to their shows, current listeners get new recommendations, and more people are introduced to the medium.

Throughout the month, names you know and love from podcasting will be helping to spread the word through their podcasts, as well as videos and social media.  Everyone who loves podcasts is encouraged to get involved with #trypod, and we’ve been loving all the recommendations you’ve been sending us through Twitter and Facebook over the past few days.

For any podcasters looking to get in on #trypod, feel free to get in touch with Israel Smith at NPR to chat about the campaign. That email address is below.

ISmith (at) npr (dot) org