Sounds are something we take for granted, and think about a lot less than we should. Take your car for example. The noise you hear when you open the door, that’s just the natural noise that the bits of metal and rubber and plastic make when they interact right?

Maybe not…

Twenty Thousand Hertz from Defacto Sound is aiming to make us reevaluate the sounds we hear every day. The design that goes into the sounds that most of us take as a convenience- and some of us depend on- is a subject that seems like it was made to be told through the lens of a podcast.

The bite sized show, that launched at the end of last year, follows Dallas Taylor as he examines the very deliberate decisions behind some of the sounds we hear every single day.

Twenty Thousand Hertz follows our relationships with sounds and technologies from the past through to the present. From the origins of the famous NBC Chimes through to selecting the voice behind Siri, the subjects featured in the podcast are ones we’re all aware of, whether consciously or not.

Our favourite episode of the show came at the start of last month, and explored audio description for TV shows and movies. It’s really interesting to hear that the technology is still nowhere near as widely provided as you might expect, and we hear from the activists fighting for a better-described media landscape.

Twenty Thousand Hertz isn’t just an exploration of sound, it’s a love letter to the medium. As well as telling the story of famous noises, the podcast is told through the narrative of noises.

You’d expect pretty solid production values from a podcast all about sound, and Twenty Thousand Hertz doesn’t disappoint. Any time you’re hearing about a sound, you’re being shown it too. This combined with an incredibly careful backing and myriad of voices makes the show a masterclass in the art of sound design.

Twenty Thousand Hertz is available from iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts from. New episodes every other Tuesday.