One of the problems with finding an audience for a podcast is coming up with a unique concept, one that’s genuinely fresh and new. Advice podcasts, or ones that take questions and calls from listeners, are genres that often feel over saturated, where new shows so often feel like imitations.

This doesn’t mean podcasts in these fields can’t succeed. You only have to take a look at shows like My Brother, My Brother and Me or Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People to see that. But it does make it trickier. Why would anyone listen to your show when there are so many similar ones that already exist?

We’re featuring new comedy podcast The Rabbit Hole on Podblasts this week because they’ve found an answer to that problem. A call-in talk show that’s managed to put a unique spin on the genre- making it a podcast that’s genuinely the only of its kind.

From British radio personalities Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle, The Rabbit Hole bills itself as a pre-recorded phone in show captured in front of a live studio audience.

An audience- let alone audience participation- while not unheard of in podcasting is rare, but The Rabbit Hole combines a live theatre event with Periscope broadcasting to make for a truly new type of show.

Earlier we listened to the second episode (‘Wangers‘), and if you’re looking for live event comedy about dicks, you’ve found the right podcast. The show starts with audience conversations about all the celebrity penises (penii?) they’ve seen, before moving on to a few failed attempts at taking calls.

The episode culminates into the audience taking a collective jump into the darkest corner of unsolicited dicks courtesy of Omegle, marking maybe a first for group podcasting voyeurism.

Iain and Katerine’s radio experience really shines in this show; with so much that could- and does- go wrong with a live show, it takes pretty great characters to still make the show funny and entertaining. But it’s a feat that’s pretty easily managed, and if nothing else the innovative live theatre experience created by The Rabbit Hole makes it a podcast worth checking out.

There are only two episodes so far, both recorded in the same session, and while the show seems like it’s finding its footing at some points, they’re an incredible solid start to what looks to be a great new comedy podcast.

The Rabbit Hole is available from Acast, iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts from. New episodes weekly. If you’re in London, you can get tickets online for the next trip down The Rabbit Hole.