WNYC are smashing it at the moment. And while we always acknowledge the entire teams behind the production of today’s biggest podcasts- it’s still the people behind the microphone that influence our perception of a show. Giving a platform to great talent is what led to the success of great podcasts like 2 Dope Queens, and the station have struck gold again with the latest show from WNYC Studios, Nancy.

As the show description puts it, “BFFs Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed.” And only two episodes in, Nancy has done just that. The new podcast gives an arena for honest and open conversations about the LGBTQ experience today, mixing the candid, funny and heartbreaking stories that form coming up- and coming out- for today’s queer youth.

The first episode completely focusses on the coming out stories of our two hosts. To start with, Tobin’s story in episode one is pretty lighthearted, and gives an interesting look into the way we view the LGBTQ experience through the lens of pop culture. From Will & Grace to Brokeback Mountain- this is just the first taste we get of queer representation in media from Nancy, something it looks like we’ll be diving back into big time as the season continues.

Tobin’s story in the first episode might not be the most hard-hitting, but it’s a good antidote to just how much Kathy’s is. Her telling of coming out to her mother- over and over again- and bridging a language barrier alongside the societal one so many young people have to manage is almost heartbreaking. If you thought the end S-Town’s second episode was hard to deal with, get ready to be choked up all over again.

It’s right away- in this first episode- where we can see why Kathy and Tobin won WNYC Studios’ Podcast Accelerator in 2015. At first glance, filling the premiere with the hosts’ own stories seems a little self-indulgent, but after listening to the episode- it’d have been way easier for Kathy and Tobin to skip this one altogether. What we get is raw, open and excruciatingly honest, and proves exactly why these two deserve a podcast of their own.

By episode two of Nancy we’re really hitting the ground running, and the candidness in the episode that came before it only serves to make us like Kathy and Tobin more as we get into the meat of the season. From a touching story about role models to a pretty thorough break down of racial stereotypes in gay porn, straight off the bat Nancy is establishing itself as a podcast that’s here to stay.

On the surface, this is an awesome new podcast that’s combining brilliant storytelling with two even more brilliant hosts. And while Nancy isn’t billing itself as a public service or self-help guide, it’s undeniable that this show could be incredibly important to queer people who may not find this kind of funny, real and compassionate reporting anywhere else.

Even with only two episodes released so far, Nancy has acknowledged that so much of the LGBTQ experience is affected by family, society, media and porn. If you’ve somehow made it through this article without realising- we absolutely love Nancy, and can’t wait for the rest of the season.

Because everyone’s a little bit gay.

Nancy is available from WNYC, iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts from.