April 2012- a blog is born. Dismayed by the low quality of the majority of crowdfunded projects and unencumbered by any sense of pity for their wayward creators, a humble poster assumes his mantle.

You’ve probably seen the Your Kickstarter Sucks blog before. Despite a recent lack of content, the Tumblr page was a huge hit, and wildly popular. Well, get out of bed and open the blinds- it’s a new day, it’s 2017, and Your Kickstarter Sucks is back, this time as a comedy podcast.

From Mike Hale and Jesse Farrar, the new audio version of Your Kickstarter Sucks does a lot of what the Tumblr version used to do, and then a lot more on top of that. It’s an evolution of the blog, and while the focus is of course on bad crowdfunding attempts, the show manages to be just a bit more than that.

In fact, it often takes a while to get to the Kickstarters. In this week’s episode (Feb 21), the hour and a half podcast is almost at the 45 minute mark before the guys really get into the nitty shitty of collaborative financing.

The rest of the time is taken up with Mike and Jesse’s hot takes on current affairs and a whole bunch of jingles and segments that make the show seem way more developed than you’d expect for a podcast only three episodes old.

Bad Kickstarters discussed in the most recent episode include a men’s magazine (but for gamers), a podcast (but for gamers), and wearable luggage for the frequent flyer.

The only drawbacks to the show are a few audio volume and quality issues pretty early on, but for a new podcast it’s pretty forgivable, and only two episodes later the technical quality is notably better.

As well as being a genuinely funny podcast, Your Kickstarter Sucks is an interesting look into how well podcasting lends itself as an adaptable platform for media that came before. And for an added twist of irony, they’re raising money to produce the podcast on Patreon.

Your Kickstarter Sucks is available from Soundcloud, iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts.